The wave of the future

Over the course of their service life, Bosch power tools will often be used on different construction sites. So it’s not unusual for tools to get mislaid or lost in the process. Finding them again becomes a matter of luck. Bosch took a close look at the situation, though, and came up with the perfect solution in the form of TrackMyTools, its smart inventory management system.

TrackMyTools is an innovative solution for day-to-day work on construction sites. It helps manage the whereabouts of tools and how they are being used. Every device gets a battery-operated Bluetooth module that is roughly half the size of a matchbox. This can transmit a a signal over a maximum distance of 30 meters. This signal is picked up by an app on the worker’s smartphone, and the data is transmitted to a server. Tool inventories are then managed on a web-based service platform. As the workers’ smartphones transmit GPS data to the cloud every 30 minutes, inventory items can be managed and pinpointed over long distances – for example, by the logistics manager of a subcontractor in another part of the country. The system is both extremely flexible and especially easy to use.


Of needles and haystacks: TrackMyTools, Bosch’s smart inventory management system, offers several advantages. Warehouse managers, planners, supervisors, and tradespeople can permanently keep tabs on the status of all their tools – either from their home base or directly on the construction site. In addition, the cloud-based solution means that tradespeople on site always know where their tools are. Before driving to the construction site, for instance, they can check to see that they’ve packed everything they need. And at the end of the day’s work, they can rest assured they haven’t forgotten anything. If a tool should go missing, the system helps find it again, thanks to the smart interaction of hardware and software. A battery-operated Bluetooth module measuring just 34.4 x 32.5 x 13 millimeters, roughly half the size of a matchbox, is affixed to the tools. The module – the GCC 30 TrackTag Professional to give it its official name – transmits a signal every eight seconds. Smartphones and tablets equipped with the TrackMyTools app detect the signal, and transmit time, user, and location data to the server. Every 30 minutes, moreover, the smartphone’s GPS function transmits the tool’s location to the cloud, making it fundamentally possible to locate it at any time – even from a considerable distance. The app shows where the tool is on a map. Tradespeople can use the web application, which is available in various subscription models, to keep tabs on their tools over the internet. The tagging module can be attached not only to power tools, but also to cable reels, ladders, and hammers. Finding the proverbial needle just got easier.

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