Life can be so simple: innovations such as Bosch’s smart home platform make it more eco-friendly, convenient, and secure.


“Good morning. Today is Wednesday. It’s 6:30 a.m.”

Stefan sits up in bed and blinks sleepily at the shiny white robot. Felix – as he calls his personal robot – has woken him half an hour earlier than usual, due to the bad traffic situation. The robot hands him a cup of coffee, so that he can still have a relaxed start to the day, despite the early hour. He cheerfully heads to the bathroom. But why is everything there green? He must have accidentally chosen the wrong color yesterday. On the flat screen integrated into the bathroom wall mirror, Stefan selects “tile color” from the menu and then hits “sand-colored.” The tiles instantly change color. The clothes that he selected on his tablet for today have been laid out for him. Felix never lets him down. While Stefan leisurely gets dressed, Felix is preparing breakfast in the kitchen. Stefan tells him he would like an egg today after all. A realistic scene? Of course not – not yet.

But smart homes are already well on their way to becoming a reality. Bosch offers a systems solution that can be used to operate and control different devices in the home, and also enables those devices to communicate with each other. The core of this interoperable system is the smart home controller. Using a smart home app, the controller can be operated from a smartphone or tablet. In the future, a whole range of Bosch products will be compatible with this controller, including ones made by the Thermotechnology, Security Systems, Household Appliances, and Power Tools divisions. Depending on the solution, supplementary apps will be available for regulating specialized device functions. One such example is the Home Connect app made by BSH Hausgeräte GmbH. It’s even possible to integrate applications by other manufacturers, such as Philips’s “Hue” wireless lighting control. And since the system works with open standards, many others can follow.

The Bosch smart home system enriches life in three ways: it increases convenience, enhances safety, and improves energy efficiency. For example, if Stefan decides to open a window once he’s done with his shower, the window contact will tell the thermostat that the room is being ventilated. As a result, the system will automatically turn down the heat. That saves money and conserves resources. Generally speaking, temperature settings can be adjusted with the touch of a finger on a smartphone or tablet – even from outside the home. If Stefan forgets to close the window or to turn off the light, he gets a push notification about it on his cell phone as he leaves the house. Similarly, the washing machine informs him once it has completed its cycle, saving him unnecessary trips to the laundry room.

And thanks to the security function, he can rest easy knowing that his home is protected without needing to install an extra alarm system. For example, if a burglar tried to break in through a window, the window contact would alert the smoke alarm and the lighting control system: the former would sound an alarm while the lights would flash red. At the same time, Stefan would receive a warning notification and, with just the touch of a fingertip, could alert the police or a neighbor he has set as his contact for such an event. Smart connectivity par excellence. Stefan can even go off on vacation without any worries. He just activates his “away” settings on his smartphone: lights off, heating turned down, occupancy simulated by turning on lights and, say, radio – all automatically.

To give him a warm welcome upon his return, the heating is programmed to increase room temperature to 23 degrees Celsius. The lights are set to give off a pleasant red-orange glow, and the stereo plays “Coming Home” by the U.S. singer Leon Bridges.

Home sweet home.

One platform, many possibilities  


It connects all the Bosch smart home products with each other. The app that goes with it can be used to operate individual devices. Thanks to open standards, other manufacturers can use the new system platform as well. 

BOSCH SMART HOME APP The app controls all smart home functions and is available for
Android and iOS (Apple) devices.

LIGHTNING The smart home controller app allows users to control the ambient lighting. For example, they can set the intensity and color of the “Hue” lighting system made by Philips.

WINDOWS The window contact recognizes when the window is opened or shut. It reports this to the app in the same way it reports an attempted break-in.

RADIATORS A window contact ensures that the radiator thermostat automatically turns down the heating when a window is opened.

HEATERS With the touch of a finger, the app can be used to adjust temperature settings for the heating system.

SMOKE ALARM Besides the usual function, the smoke alarm can also be connected with door/window contacts and a motion detector to sound an alarm when someone tries to break in.

POWER SOCKET By means of an adapter, even analog devices can be operated using the smart home controller.

WASHING MACHINE The washing machine can be controlled using the app, and sends a push notification when the laundry is ready, for example.

MOTION DETECTOR Combined with the smoke alarm and door/window contact, the motion detector serves first and foremost as a security feature, but can also automatically control lighting.

Hear the connections

Experience the SENSORCHESTRA – brought to you by Bosch

Can Bosch appliances really make music?

Just like an orchestra is much more than the sum of its parts, Bosch uses invisible connections to elevate today’s appliances, devices, machines and more. Our SENSORCHESTRA portrays these connections on an audible level – making the Internet of Thing’s power and potential strikingly tangible. Stay tuned: this symphony has only just struck its first chord.