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Is an oven able to suggest recipes? Can a radiator talk to the windows? Our international survey shows: Many people still underestimate what a Smart Home can do. Sandra and Jérôme found out for themselves, when they installed some of the latest Bosch products. Step inside!





The Smart Home is already capable of more than most people realize

Smart Home technology is now firmly on the market, but how much do consumers already know about it and what it can do for them? Bosch set out to find out, with a Twitter survey. Over 6000 users replied. Amongst the respondents, the most well known function of a Smart Home was its ability to turn lights on and off.

Did you know?

  • Smart smoke detectors such as the Twinguard also monitor air quality, temperature and humidity within your home – all day every day.

  • Smart outdoor HD cameras combine stylish illumination, motion sensors, and intercom systems.

  • Smart indoor cameras with 360° surround view do not only help you to monitor your home from anywhere around the globe – they also offer privacy modes at the tap of your hand when you’re back.

  • Smart ovens can select the optimal cooking times and temperatures for you – just tap the recipe.

  • With a smart coffee maker you can discover new recipes online and send them straight to your machine – even from your bed before getting up in the morning.


A Smart Home should make your life more secure and more comfortable

In the Twitter survey, Bosch also asked users which factors convinced them the most of the benefits of investing in a Smart Home. The majority stated that saving energy and making their homes more secure were their biggest priorities. 

The window contact sensors help Sandra and Jérôme to do both. The contacts are connected to the thermostat – on the radiator, so when the window is open, the radiator is turned down, or off, thus reducing the family’s energy consumption. Jérôme has also set the contacts up to set off the alarm system, securing their home in case of break-ins.


Smart Home? Yes please, but only if my privacy is protected

Crucially, Sandra and Jérôme are also in complete control of their Smart Home data. They can decide where it is stored – locally or on the cloud. And, they can rest assured knowing that all Bosch Smart Home devices are fully encrypted and are regularly updated with the latest software. Sandra was also surprised at how fast and easy the installation was, “I was a bit sceptical at first, because there was so much technology, I really thought it would take ages, but it was actually super fast,” she said.


Smart Home: Always in control, even when you’re not at home

Sandra is not the only one who has niggling doubts about leaving her windows left open when she’s out of the house. Amongst those surveyed by Bosch, many female respondents expressed their wish to be able to control aspects of their home when they’ve left their house in a rush, are out and about, or on holiday. Sandra is able to banish those doubts by controlling her windows and doors remotely with the Bosch Smart Home app.